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Armed with a neural implant that can rewind time, a CIA hacker must save reality from a mysterious villain wielding future technology.

















1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / MOUSE WHEEL: GUNS


CTRL+NUMBERS: HACK REALITY (e.g. "0000" alters weather)





v1: Heist

v2: Fire simulation

v3: Settings menu, swimming

v4: Nevada map (early), catch bullets, headshots, parachute, fire modes, torch

v5: Nevada mission objectives (basic), explosive barrels, C4 

v6: Nevada improvements, helicopters, drones, alarms, AI

v7: Nevada bunker lighting, polish

v8: Fixed vehicle audio and particle issues

v9: ADS, stun enemies, vsync on by default

v10: More music, improved glass, blue text

v11: Fixed mouse sensitivity and added motion blur settings, psych eval (early)

v12. Fixed weather not reversing

v13: Tanker map, sharks, swimming fixes

v14: Music now reverses, AI improved

v15: Fade in, birds, music only reverses once, ticking sound

v16: New first-person guns

v17: Improvements based on feedback from DARTEKZ

v18: Sniper rifle, bullet holes in glass

v19: Sprint & slide

v20: Mission complete fade out

v21: Gamepad controls (basic), car tuning (basic)

v22: Port map for car combat

v23: Oil rig and car AI

v24: Bugfixes (thanks to IndieG & ZONGE), night vision, destroyable oil rig

v25: Weapon sway (thanks Mikelica & Bookwarrior), fixed snow not reversing

v26: Subway map (early), bugfixes (inc. gun jamming)

v27: Clock mechanism on title screen (thanks IndieG)

v28: Title screen tips/quotes, adjusted Heist boat area

v29: Multiplayer (test)

v30: Multiplayer Subway map (basic)

v31: Multiplayer connect to IP

v32: Multiplayer trains, glass, slide

v33: Heist now prevents player rewinding past hostage rescue with a warning (RECLOCK again to override)

v34: Winter stage, fixed air control bug, added some hints

v35: Added reversable snow and water to Winter, added some hints to Heist

v36: Mission flow (now progresses to next mission on completion)

v37: Fixed some bugs [UE4]

v38: UE5 & Lumen (and some bug fixes)

v39: Lighting fixes

v40: Globe

v41: Bug fixes

v42: "Cold open" music, new icons

v43: Fixed settings sliders

v44: Adjusted snow colors

v45: Fixed some physics bugs

v46: Mouse wheel changes weapon. Expanded New York map.

v47: Fixed some bugs

v48: Tanker ladder hint, bugfixes

v49: Fixed controller and raytracing support

v50: Added Lumen to graphics settings (off by default)

Known issues: 

If you experience mouse clicks not registering in windowed fullscreen, press the Windows key to bring up the Task Bar, right click the Task Bar, and then click back in the game.


Created in Unreal Engine by Seb Grinke

Art: Synty Studios, Assetsville

Sky: Ultra Dynamic Sky

Icons created by Smashicons & Ayub Irawan www.flaticon.com

Suspenseful Thriller Strings by LidsjoMusic (Envato Market)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Cyberpunk, First-Person, FPS, Low-poly, tenet, Time Travel, War
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


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v46 New York map

Very impressive game! The only thing missing is changing weapons by scrolling, switching weapons any other way just doesn't feel right. Also, the graphics cheat codes are quite neat, will we ever be getting a list?


Thanks for the feedback! I will add Mouse Wheel weapon switching.

Cheat Codes

1234 ASCII

0911 Police

2214 Van

0000 Weather

9999 Invulnerable

1111 Toggle Sky Light

6060 FPS

6666 Kill Enemies

7777 Disable Screen Messages

0007 Complete Mission

I downloaded the game and all missions are stuck in heaven.

So sorry! Which version did you download?

I tried both versions you have available. The newest one has the "heaven" bug and the old one says it timed out after rendering of 120 seconds. Keep in mind I am running everything on the lowest possible settings.

Weird. Looking at the screenshot you posted I can see the FPS gun and trees so it's rendering something. Are your graphics drivers up to date? The game uses UE4 / UE5 (Unreal). Do other Unreal engine games such as Fortnite work for you?

(1 edit)

i can't pass stage: 5 california i get stuck on the get on the tugboat part

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing! There are some bugs with the physics of the crates which mean that section is kind of broken. It's the end of the level when you get to the boat so I would just skip to the next one for now.

(1 edit)

ok. thanks

(3 edits)

RECLOCK v44: Cold Open & Oil Rig gameplay in UE5 

New menu background. Planning to use this globe from the UE marketplace for mission briefings as well. You can reverse time during gameplay, and also on the menu.

(2 edits)

RECLOCK now uses UE5 and Lumen

the game looks INSANELY good from the gameplay and pictures i've seen but i don't particularly know if my pc can run it. can anyone please tell me the minimum requirements?

Sorry I haven't tested on enough PCs to know. It's free to download and there are graphics performance settings you can adjust.

Really good gunplay, probably need a bit more guidance on what to do and where to go tho

Thanks! Is there a particular mission or moment where you wanted more guidance?

We hit 10k downloads today - thanks everyone!

v34: Winter stage

what is the minimum requirements ?

(2 edits)

Sorry I haven't tested on enough PCs to know. It's free to download and there are graphics performance settings you can adjust.

yes bro

the game is great just to hard i mean i have no idea on how to savehostages in the train in the heist SINCE THEY blow up when i come near or when we enter 

otherr than the difficulty great game

its practically impossible

(1 edit)

Hi thanks for the feedback! I just checked to make sure, and it is definitely possible to complete the Subway stage in the latest version (v33). Press TAB to RECLOCK (rewind time) to 00:00 when you're near the train doors, wait for the doors to open, defuse the bomb and get out before the train leaves. If you have more feedback please let me know - it helps me understand your experience so I can improve the game! :-)

(1 edit)

The time rewinding is good in both concept and execution, but the level design is confusing at points.

Thanks! Any particular level or objective?

I've only played the first couple of levels, but the second half of the first level confused me. 

The hostage situation was great; my objective was clear, and I found it pretty fun to go through it with the rewind ability. But once I got past the tug boat, I got confused about where I was supposed to go. The jump from the first to the second platform was far enough that I didn't even realize I could do it. It ended up taking me a few tries before I actually did. 

I couldn't figure out what to do from there, so I ended up just hitting the nearest boat with a truck and using it as a platform. It did feel cool, but also unintended. I still don't know what the actual end goal is.

Also, more minor point: the fact that you can rewind and get your ammo back is cool, but it's pointless if the ammo isn't finite. Perhaps consider limiting the amount of ammunition a player has.

(6 edits)

Thanks this is really great feedback. 

I'm happy the hostage part worked ok.

Right now the end goal is to reach the tug boat (the one with lights on it behind the big wrecked ship.) Maybe it needs an objective marker.

That platforming section only makes sense if you know that you can shoot down the crates by firing at the hooks that hold them, and there's no tutorial for that yet. I didn't think that jump was possible either so that's impressive! (You can shoot a crate down, jump on it and RECLOCK to ride it back up.)

What this game really needs is a great level designer.

I considered limiting ammo but might be annoying if you run out? I suppose I could do unlimited pistol ammo and let you take clips from dead enemies for other weapons. Could seem illogical that they still have ammo if you take it from them and then RECLOCK though...

Is there possibly a way we can "catch" bullets? Currently, the only way to do so is to shoot, stand in the same spot, and reclock. I'd like it if there was a little bit more leniency. Maybe you'd have to look at the bullet hole in order to 'catch' it?

It'd be very cool to set up traps for enemies when low on ammo.

Do you mean the mechanic in this game, where you control when the bullet comes back out of the wall? 

Catching Bullets by maougame (itch.io)

It's interesting but I'm trying to rewind time correctly according to what happened, otherwise it gets confusing for players.

Yeah I can see why you chose that approach.

I'd just love to see more interactivity WHILE we're reclocking. The more insane TENET stuff, the better!

Keep up the good work.

+1 to that - all suggestions welcome!

Awesome game! Good job really.

I have only played the Heist mission so far, but I haven't finished it:
I managed to solve the first part with the hostages, but later one, near the boat, I rewinded time too much and "broke" my initial solving of the "heist" situation. That was quite demotivating... Could it be possible to add a "saving" mechanism, either manual or automated at some given checkpoints?


Thanks this is good feedback.

I added a fix in v33: Heist now prevents player rewinding past hostage rescue with a warning (RECLOCK again to override)

(1 edit)

can u change car model - rise up the roof? or make camera closer so u wont be seeing only half of the screen?

Is the problem when you're trying to shoot, or just driving around? There are various vehicles you can drive, so it seems like a camera fix might make more sense, but if I move the camera your gun will clip through the car...

Yes its just hard to see anything and drive. Maybe FOV change then... I dunno. But this big roof is very annoying tbh


gameplay seems so unclear and frustrating to me, i didnt finish any level as its meant to be i think. sometimes after one objective u are figuring out the next too much time, and then u realize u need to reclock couple of minutes to redo the things.

if i will not be alone in this frustration, maybe theres a solution to make it playable - to reclock not in true chronologic and all world, but just reclock things separately from each other (lets say in a time-bubble that u can shoot) and skip idle time of their chronologic (so u not waiting 5 mins of dead body to be alive). so u just rewinding previous states without waiting too much.

i think there will be more puzzle potential that way.

Thanks this is a good note, and similar to the feedback above about rewinding too far. One solution might be to break the game up into smaller levels? Still thinking about it...

dunno if its possible, but ragdoll dead enemies would be so much funnier, so they fall dead depending on impulse of the last shot.

I tried to implement ragdolls but couldn't figure out a way to make them rewind.

v32: 2-player online deathmatch (with time-reversal)

(2 edits)

Mission Level Idea#4

Skyscraper Heist

Mission summary; A skyscraper in construction has been taken over by enemy forces. The construction workers have been taken hostages and explosive bombs have been placed as a warning. The hostage situation is a cover for another heist happening on the adjacent building next to the skyscraper. Tenet team must infiltrate, rescue the hostages and eliminate all enemies and retrieved intel documents from the adjacent building.

  • Player exits the elevator with AI bots on the highest floor level in construction.
  • 4 Hostages with bombs on the highest floor and another 2 hostages on the construction roof's helipad.
  • Player makes their way to the roof with a gunfight with enemy forces.
  • On the roof's helipad, after Player taken over the site and rescue all hostages.
  • A helicopter arrives from an adjacent building, and drop off more enemies. Gunfight resumes.
  • With time inversion, Player must hitch-a-ride with helicopter reverse-arriving at the skyscraper.
  • Now the player can reach to the adjacent building where the helicopter reverse-take off from.
  • On the adjacent building's roof, Player now must find and retrieved intel documents, all while getting shot at by enemy forces.
  • With all hostages rescued, enemies dead & intel documents retrieved, Player can now have a breather.
  • Mission Success.

Sketch of the Skyscraper Heist level design:

So you reverse time and then ride in the helicopter with the bad guys? :-)


I actually missed a key-point, so I just edited it.

You get the idea. ;-)

...and if you reverse time again they throw you out? ;-)

If/when you reverse time during flight, basically they cant move or do anything (unless you wanna add reverse-gunfight lol)

when the helicopter reverse-lands at adjacent building helipad, watch them reverse-hop on from helicopter and  resume time, you can kill them before they ride on the helicopter and kill the pilot.

so freaking complicated ;-)


Don't try to understand it. Feel it.

(1 edit) (+1)

New title screen graphics:

*keanu woah*


I absolutely LOVE this game, when i saw Tenet i fell in love with that movie and its concept, after watching that movie i always thought how would be a game with Tenet physics. Keep working <3

Thanks! I really appreciate everyone who writes comments, feedback and reviews. You all inspire me to keep going.

I created an account just to say this game is really fun. I really hope you continue working on this because this is great. I do think a multiplayer mode will work great with this but other than that great job and keep up the good work 


Ever thought about adding a squad feature like switching characters or giving commands? Would be cool.

Interesting suggestion! Would it be too much for players since they have to also manage time-reversal? (Team orders would get lost when you reverse time...!)

Time Street station (Subway)

THIS IS FINE (v26 Subway map)

I can't open this game. When I click on RECLOCK.exe it asks me to download Microsoft Visual C ++, already installed. Do you have any idea how I should solve this problem? I want to play this game so bad XD. Thanks in advance

You might need Windows Updates or to repair the components - https://steamcommunity.com/app/526870/discussions/1/3115897635597823194/


brillaint Game looking forward to more . where is your team located ? website ?

It's just me (and a ton of Marketplace assets) right now. I live near Seattle. Thanks!

if you can , make this multiplayer ! Thanks for the reply 

Competitive multiplayer could be interesting. Maybe something like CounterStrike with players getting an occasional ability to reverse time for 30 seconds or so? I'd have to experiment to find the fun.

Mission Level Idea#3 (Inspired from TENET's final battle)


Mission summary; a tenet team firefight against enemy team, a race against time to retrieved MacGuffin documents from enemy territory. Red team & Blue team operate simultaneously.

  • Player starts off parachuting down into the war-zone.
    • While Inverted Blue Team's (IBT) container are drop-off by Helicopters, and reverse-enter from their container.
      • Player also received comms from IBT, but in reversed order.
      • Shooting an IBT will result a Friendly-fire (mission fails).
  • Player lands & gunfight thru the ruins to reach the objective marker.
    • To implant C4 bombs on the "collapse" building's top-half.
  • Wait for an Inverted Blue flare to appear as the signal.
  • Inverted Blue flare appears & reversed-fire from IBT. Then suddenly, the "collapsed" building inverts to whole building.
  • DETONATE the bombs! And destroy the building's top-half.
    • Too early or too late to detonate, the mission fails.
    • Player received IBT's reverse-countdown after detonation;
      • "FIRE! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5."
    • Time Inversion is limited to this Point. Invert beyond this point will result a temporal paradox (mission fails).
  • Player must venture into the building's bottom-half to search for the MacGuffin documents.
  • After securing the documents, Player must now make their way to the hilltop to reach the Rendezvous Point. Using any transports.
    • Also please avoid driving into IBT (mission fails)..
  • Hop into the Friendly Helicopter and fly away to safety.
    • As for IBT would reverse-exit back into their container.
  • Mission Success.

This is another massive ambiguous idea, because it requires Inverted Friendly & Enemy NPCs, transports & reverse-environment FXs.

The idea is Inverted Friendly NPCs aren't interactable, but Friendly-Fire is OFF.

However, Inverted Enemy NPCs are killable, but they'll be revived as the Player inverts further back in time. And they can kill the Player.

This would also mean a lot of several pre-animated fx reverse-environments, like smoke, fire, explosion, transports & gunfire.

Thanks for reading.

[Sketch of the Ruins map layout]

It's an amazing game, however some weapon sway would make the game look a lot better.

I added some weapon sway in v25. Let me know if you have feedback. Thanks!


Deleted 221 days ago
(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! I don't think you pressed TAB to rewind time in the video. I need to add a tutorial!

VIsuals look great! Maybe ill add some weapon sway.

I added some weapon sway in v25. Let me know if you have feedback. Thanks!

is this multiplayer / online?

No it's single player only (for now).


wow its so good, good job!

thanks! :-)

i am downloading it, it looks really good

Man I am stupid can someone please explain me how this game works

It's a prototype game so there's no tutorial or simple first level yet - sorry about that! The videos below will give you an idea of how to play.


I will definitely take a look at the full release. This game has great potential.


This is a great video - thanks!

Thank you very much for your praise and for subscribing! :)

Main Menu is too plain & it lacks something, in my opinion.

Right aesthetic and all for the game. But so many empty spaces.

I suggest a watch, placed at the right-side of the menu.

  • A dismantled/broken fragments/shattered to pieces watch, with blue and red dials (also shattered).
  • The fragments are warp & distorted (much like during inversion).
  • The fragments also inverts back as a whole watch for a brief secs and then quickly reverts back to fragments. And it goes on like that in a loop.

Tenet for your thoughts.

I agree it's just barely functional at the moment :-) I would love to have something like a Bond movie intro sequence and theme song (perhaps with watches...). 

(1 edit)

Yeah watches but sized of the whole screen in the left, and menu options instead of numbers, that are chosen by arrow switching up and down 馃 (or arrow just follows the mouse)

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